Standard CAD cut vinyl designs.  (not printable vinyl)

CAD cut vinyl designs are cut from coloured pieces of heat pressed vinyl, usually taken from a roll. The designs are then pressed onto are suitable garment or product using a heat press.

Vinyl designs can be incredibly hard wearing and durable. At CFP we will only ever use premium vinyl to ensure that our work is long lasting and very tough.

The vinyl is available in a wide range of standard colours and finishes, along with numerous specialist finishes. These offer the client a range of custom, individual and memorable printing and merchandise options, with finishes such as bright fluorescents, metallic, flock, glitters, mirror foils, sparkle, reflective and many more.

Vinyl is commonly used for logos, names or numbers on sports shirts for example. But here at CFP we are constantly pushing the limits of what a vinyl print can offer. Vinyl gives a clean crisp edge every time. It is great for text based designs and logos but at CFP we don’t stop there with vinyl. It can also give a high level of detail on a design. Vinyl may be layered to create multi coloured designs and also create depth. With finishes like Flock, Glitter and Snake Skin vinyl designs can achieve finishes that screen printing can’t. Reflective vinyl can be used not only as a great safety feature on garments such as work wear but it can also add a twist to other designs.

What is vinyl and what is the process?

A slightly heavier, hard wearing finish is achieved with vinyl compared to screen printing.  A layer of vinyl is adhered to the surface of the clothing fibres using adhesive. The application is done with a heat press to activate the glue. The design itself is cut into the back of the vinyl using a computer controlled cutter. The excess is then removed from the design by a process called weeding. When the design is finished, it is laid onto the garment and compressed with the heat press.

Layering different coloured vinyl on top of each other to build up an image can create multi-coloured and multi-layered designs. The colour of the garment can also be used to add an extra colour element within the layered design.

Artwork for the CAD cut process needs to be ‘vector’ based and at a high resolution.  We use adobe illustrator here at CFP so .ai files are very welcome, as are .EPS along other formats such as .PDF and .JPG (however some conversion is often needed to files of this type and this incur an additional charge).

CAD cut vinyl can come in pre coloured solid shades or with a variety of patterns and finishes.

Solid crisp edges are created using vinyl. These edges will only show minimal deterioration over time, giving you a crisp clean design that will often out live the garment it is printed on. This process is great for solid simple designs which stand out in vinyl, but at CFP we have spent time working with this media and will not shy away from creating highly detailed and intricate deigns. Vinyl may also be mixed with other printing methods, such as screen printing, or DTG (direct to garment print) to create a truly unique design.

While a high level of detail can be achieved with vinyl, it does have its limitations. Gradient images and super high detailed images may not be produced using standard vinyl.

Vinyl can be applied to the majority of garments but there are limitations on some material blends.

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